Bodybuilding 101: 4 Ways To Kick A Stall Out’s @ss

Other than an injury that takes you out of the game, the second-worst scenario in bodybuilding is a stall out. If you are having trouble seeing any gains or adding even a tiny bit of weight to the bar, these tips might be the booth out buster that you need…

Try a little deficit training by mixing up your rep positions

The hardest part of a rep is typically the beginning and the end positions. Getting the weight up and getting the weight back down take that extra amount of enthusiasm to achieve, especially when you are increasing the poundage of your lifts. Try this. Do the first seven reps stopping just above your starting position. Then, complete the next seven stoppings just short of your ending position. Finish the last seven reps as usual. This will help you to build strength and mass in the areas that are toughest to grow. Sometimes, this alone can help you get over a plateau.

Start taking creatine

Creatine is a popular bodybuilding supplement that works by drawing water into your muscle cells. This helps you to have the extra energy you need to finish more reps. You will likely notice bloat while you are using creatine, but know that the water weight you are carrying is being carried in your muscle and not in fat. Thus, this is not a typical bloat. Creatine comes in powder form, and as an added perk, it may even make you look more muscular in general while you use it.

Take a week off. Your body may need to de-load

If you suddenly feel like you cannot finish even your typical workout and consistently cannot add small amounts to your lifts, your body may be trying to tell you that it needs a complete reboot. While it may seem counterproductive, if you give your body the time it needs to recoup, you will be able to come back better, completing workouts with energy again.

Switch up your routine

We all have habits that we like that make our lifting sessions go seamlessly. However, if you are performing the same exercises in the same order every time, then your muscles may be adapting. Switch up the order in which you do your workout. It is also a good idea to vary the poundage on your bar. This serves to keep your muscles guessing.

Everyone experiences a stall out now and then, but stall outs do not have to be forever. Try different methods until you start to see those gains in the mirror again. It will happen.