Why Should You Start Keeping A Workout Log?

When you’re gearing up for a significant challenge or happen to be stuck in your training routine, figuring out your next step can be somewhat confusing. The last thing you want here is to have your mind clouded with negative thoughts and uncertainty. If you’re going to improve, there are various reasons why you should start using a training journal.


A training journal makes it harder to blow off workout sessions when you know you have to write down the exercises you did for the day. It also helps reinforce good traits, which ultimately enforces consistency. If you’re just getting started, a training journal will put you on the right track towards attaining your goals.

Build Motivation

A tired body is often the sole reminder of when you’ve worked hard in training. Unfortunately, this disappears quickly within several days of recovery. When you’re feeling a little low, it’s easy to forget what you’ve already achieved. This leaves room for second-guessing, which may ultimately convince you that you haven’t done enough. By recording your significant performance milestones, you’ll be creating a sense of accomplishment, which is a crucial confidence booster.

Making Improvements

Like most bodybuilders, your overall plan is to better your best in every other training session. Keeping a diary is the best way to record what worked for you during your last session, and what didn’t pan out as you planned. The best thing about it is that its first-hand knowledge from your own body. Such a reference not only makes it easy to find shortcuts that work for you but also helps you steer clear of pitfalls in the future.

Scheduling Time Off

The main reason why most people fail to see the gains they desire from bodybuilding is simply because they don’t give themselves enough time to heal. As a general rule of thumb, one should try to take off a week for every eight weeks of regular exercise. Because your journal records how often you’ve been hitting the gym, it becomes easier to know when it’s time to take a break.

Changing your Workout Patterns

If you’ve been working out for quite some time, you probably know the importance of changing up your routine regularly. This is crucial in providing new challenges for your muscles, which is what sparks new growth. A diary can help you in this area by making you aware of when your training routine needs tweaking.

A training journal is perhaps the best tool you could use to attain your workout goals. Trends and patterns that would otherwise remain concealed become crystal clear in a written log. So if you’re hoping to build the body of your dreams, a journal will help you craft goals and keep you focused on attaining them.